GIOTTOCOLLECTION is a chromatic project by Nardi inspired by the colours of Giotto's frescos, which have been implemented in the chair/cushion combinations of the new Net Relax lounge armchair and of the Net seat, both in fibre-glass resin.

The collection is scheduled to première at the Nardi booth at the Salone del Mobile 2016 international furniture show (Hall 12 Booth E05 – F04) in the form of 3 display islands representing the same number of scenes taken from Giotto's frescos in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.

1.   The Last Judgement Island

Giotto paints the characters' clothes with a harmonious colour palette, where the various shades follow one another in gentle sequence, from white, to yellow, to red, to violet, to green, showing off all the colours he had at hand as if taken straight from the artist's palette.

Similarly, sampling the colours of the Net and Net Relax resin and combining them with the cushion fabrics, Nardi attempts to reproduce a portion of Giotto's palette to create charming compositions oozing a contemporary mood.

2.   Meeting at the Golden Gate Island

This scene depicts Joachim kissing his wife Anna, while the faded red robes at Joachim's feet blend into the folds of the ochre coloured Terra di Siena dress worn by Anna. This detail of the painting is the inspiration for the second colour version proposed in the GIOTTOCOLLECTION, comprising three colours, ochre, red and pink.

In this case, Nardi's solution is red and ochre for the chair resin and pink for the cushion fabric, forming a combination of warm sunny shades which are characteristic of the Italian landscape.

3.   Flight into Egypt Island

The two characters dressed with a red tunic and a green one respectively speak to one another, almost as if to isolate themselves and form a scene within a scene. The perfect marriage of the red and green colours of their clothing contributes to distinguishing the figures in a marked way and concurrently to create a kind of completeness that derives from the association of opposite colours.  The strong connotation of the characters is further enhanced and isolated by the grey colour of the landscape, which is barren and free of details, like the ideal backdrop for a private conversation.

Isolating and distinguishing, these are the two actions at the heart of this colour composition where the red and green Net Relax share the grey cushion as a backdrop for private conversations in an imaginary open-air café.

The three display islands can be visited with the aid of Moverio/Epson interactive goggles which will narrate the inspiring criteria of the GIOTTOCOLLECTION through video and audio footage.