Cube is a professional table with a DurelTop slatted square surface and lacquered aluminium legs. It has a solid, minimalist design and is made out of polypropylene fibreglass which has an impressive aesthetic effect. It is extremely robust, but is also light, anti-scratch and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

The surface is boxed and it evokes the beauty of wooden slats. But its true added value is its sturdiness and solidity, which is conveyed by the perfect union of the surface to the legs: an aluminium structure runs along the perimeter of the surface and it is firmly attached to each leg thanks to a Y-shaped hook.

It is possible to choose from four different colours: white, anthracite, coffee, dove-grey. It has lacquered aluminium legs and a square base. In the Nardi catalogue, it is combined with the Erica and Palma chairs, but it can easily be combined with other styles.

Cube is stackable and does not require any end-of-season maintenance. Like all Nardi products, it is made in Italy and is 100% recyclable.