A combination of materials, wood and resin, and a kaleidoscope of sky blue, dove-grey and white shades create the cosy mood of Le Chicche di Arzignano (VI), a bar/coffee shop which combines the delicate design of Nardi's Faro stools with the wood which features heavily on the long bar counters at Le Chicche.

The colours chosen for the stools are the more delicate hues that blend in with the striking wood and walls. The walls are covered by a spacious board which not only displays the daily menu, it also becomes an important decorative feature.

Wood also characterises the old chests which have a slight shabby-chic feel to them, and the walls, beside the big board; tables and chairs reflect the light and airy feel of the Costa chair whose slatted backrest somehow follow the veins of the wood that features heavily in the bar and even on the floorboards; and the Fiore table is a welcome addition to this continuous juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary materials.